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Wing Foil Thailand

Recent month, we had pleasure to test all the upcoming collection of Wing Foil equipment from Airush & Starboard. Wing construction feels incedibly well designed, with the wing construction focusing on main wing foil advantages:

  • Efficient and powerfull design – Playing huge advantage during one of those 12knt + days
  • Easy & Low drag wing tip – allowing easy exit from water and preventing flip over during touch down
  • Low aspect ratio of wing – suitable for operating both kneeing down and standing up, no more touching water!
  • Well placed windows – visibility is the key of safety, with two wide visors on the canopy you will be aware of potential dangers
  • Multiple handle configuration – everyone can find personal comfort grip, and easily adjust according to conditions
  • Durable kevlar wing tip reinforcements – Dragging down on the sand? or Want to take your Wing for a spin on skateboard? No worries, its not gonna break!

Our thoughts of the Wing size range and Board foil configuration:

For our wind conditions in Thailand the most versatile and usable wing will be definitely 6m, with wide wind range starting at ard 11knots and handling gusts up to 20knots. Secondary choices will be 4 & 5m for lighter riders, or stronger wind days, on the other hand 7m wing for heavier and taller riders looking for extra power.


Volume is the key to easy entrance to this sport! We will be focusing on two most easy boards Starboard – 140L 7’0 & 110L 6’7 Wing Board. The amount of Research & Development behind those boards is unreal! Offering super easy stability, easy build up of speed and easy entrance to foil.

Main key points of design that got us hooked are:

  • Big volume + increased volume of side rail = Extra stability!
  • Concave recessed deck – Extra grip and stability + centre of balance is closer to the foil.
  • High volume tail with addition of Cutaway “kick tail” and bottom channels – allow early entrance on the Foil.
  • Wide size range (4’6 to 7’0) from Small expert boards, to Medium sized Intermediate oriented and High volume – beginner friendly boards.
  • Durable and lightweight construction in two versions: Blue Carbon & Lite Tech

FOIL options:

Foil selection is as important part of this new sport as choosing proper wing size and board volume, here lets focus on beginner to intermediate aspect. The best addition to high volume Wing Board will be short / medium sized mast 60/70cm with possibly high surface wing.
2000cm wing seems like the best choice for most users, allowing to have fun learning and winging independently afterwards.
Lighter beginners and more experienced wingers will reach out to smaller surf oriented Wings in the size range of 1300 – 1600cm.
Heavier wing foilers and those seeking possibly best lightwind performance, can have a choice of 2400cm (quite big, isnt it?) biggest wing available – huge stability and easy entrance even in light wind.

Lets see where this Wing hype will bring us 🙂
At this point were awaiting the first batch of equipment delivery and be prepared for more to come later.

Windy greetings!
GoKite.Asia Team

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