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Hello February kitesurfing in Thailand

We say goodbye to North East monsoon season as we enter the February, which marks the begining of beloved southerly winds in Pranburi and top kitesurfing season in Thailand.

After intense months of December and January with quite unstable north winds pattern for kitesurfing in thailand, luckily we had some solid wind weeks. First week of December was a big air festival with winds exceeding 30knots, sand flying on the beach and solid waves. Pranburi kiters got completely hyped with the back to back big air sessions evolving into new woo records of jumps in Thailand. First Miko claimed the highest jump in countly, taking the unbeaten record from local shredder and Upeksha kiteboards mastermind Craig. That not lasted long, as Yo the local rider and thai champ sorted out the situation reclaiming the title. His 20.1m jump brought Thailand into 20+ club worldwide. Big up to the champ for that!

Intense days of strong wind, waves and woo jumps challenge in PakNamPran 🇹🇭🚀 boys were sending it and situation in top…

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But the chilly evenings and roaring sea are over, time to jump in warm weather, blue calm sea and hairdryer like south wind. Who does not like this time in Thailand ?!
January surprised us with the early southerly winds, at one day over 22knots!, what was kind of unexpected early gift. That lasted long enough for everyone to had fun on the water.
Might be the early effects of global warming pushing the south termics earlier, might be as well just a lucky year in Thailand- who knows, important is to enjoy windy days to the fullest 🙂 By what we see so far, seems like we will have really windy spring months in here, can’t wait to see what next months will bring!

As the official south season is here, time for some quality time by the sea, new kite adventures and hopefully more of those sweet strong wind days. At least 3 months of great kiting in Thailand ahead of us, enjoy!

Aloha & see You in PRANBURI,
GoKiteAsia Team

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