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Early season opening – September surprise wind

Usually September is not a good month to kite in Thailand, this year we had a big surprise in Pranburi with early coming North East wind lasting nearly all week. The upwind spot “Squid beach” delivered great conditions for this season opening kite sessions – flat water, what is unusual for this place, and steady wind for 10-14m kites.
Few of the local kitesurfers joined us and all the non believers appeared the day after .

The last two days of wind, slightly onshore direction allowed to use the main kite beach right in front of our office Go Kite Asia, close to Khao Kalok.
Usually with the NE wind coming, weather becomes quite chilly and cloudy, but not this time! It was sunny, hot and all week of kite in Pranburi.
Blessed with the weather, first students of the season and definitely lots of unexpected fun 🙂

The following week was even bigger surprise, with 3 days straight of thermic wind coming from the South East. We chose the dolphin bay beach (the other side of khao kalok), and as predicted wind was around 2-3 knots stronger and the bay effect gave us 10-14 knots on avarage (with the peak around 17o’clock bringing even more). Empty spot, wide beach and quickly progressing student was a great season opening for kitesurfing in Thailand!

Kite spot in Pranburi delivers great learning conditions suitable for beginners, with easy shallow water area and steady warm wind, no wetsuits and great time on the beach.

Would you like to try kitesurfing? Come and join us for one of our lessons, enjoy the most awesome watersport activity. Professional internationally certified instructors will lead you through your learning making it progressive, fun and easy.

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